Knowledge of real property law is crucial to the correct execution of real estate transactional documents. Understanding the complicated nature of mineral ownership and conveyancing can help real estate buyers and sellers avoid unnecessary and costly pitfalls. We are uniquely qualified to guide real estate owners and developers through difficult mineral ownership issues. We assist buyers or sellers working with or without a real estate broker through the due diligence process, with a specific focus on mineral issues, and with the preparation of contracts and conveyancing instruments necessary for their successful transaction. We also advise real property owners on a wide range of surface development issues including easements and rights-of-way, access agreements, conservation easements, development covenants, land use regulations, zoning, and encumbrances such as mortgages, deeds of trust and liens.


We have experience helping ranchers in the Rocky Mountain West address their leasing, real property purchase and water rights concerns (click the left “Agriculture” icon below to learn more), and we also have extensive experience in all of our licensed jurisdictions helping purported mineral owners conduct necessary curative probate proceedings to establish their record title ownership (click the right “Probate and Estate Administration” icon below to learn more).